Mrs. Khương Hữu Thị Hiệp - She is married to Dr.Trung Dung  Hồ , a nationally recognized medical doctor in south Vietnam - Founding Director & CEO of Từ Vũ Hospital (and Professor & Vice-Chairman of
SaiGon Medical School - Giãng Sư & Hiệu Phó  Đại Học Y Khoa). They have 7 children: Hồ: Thị Kim Chi,  Trung Can (passed away 1978) , Thị Ngọc Diệp,  Thị Quế Chi, Thị Quế Diêu, Trung Khương, and Ngọc

1.  Miss Hồ Thị Kim Chi was a chemist. She passed away from Leukemia.

2.  Mr. Hồ  Trung Can (1955-1978) - Died at the age of 23 from heart failure.

3.  Mrs. Hồ Thị Ngọc Diệp  has been married to Alan Boba  since 1989. Ng̣ọc Diệp is a chemist by training; Alan is an  IT executive. They have 3 children: Andrew Khương Boba, Conor Trung Boba, and Daniel
Quan Boba.

4.  Mrs. Hồ Thị Quế Chi has been married to John Mark Higgin since 1982. Quế Chi, a business major, works in a restaurant; John is a finance executive. They have 3 children: Jonathan Michael Higgins,  Mark
Alexander Higgins, and Tara Quinn Higgins.

5.  Mrs. Hồ Thị Quế Diêu has been married to Paul Gray Witik since 1987. Quế Diêu works for a bank as a Project Analyst; Paul is a mechanical engineer. They have 2 children: Kelsey Rose Witik and John
Patrick Witik.

6.  Mr. Hồ Trung Khương, JD.  is an Attorney at Law by formal training in the US. He serves as a Attorney at Law and Counsel for a major US and International Financial Institution.

7.  Mrs. Hồ Thị Ngọc Dung has been married To Lincoln Thomas Tedeschi since 1998. Ngoc Dung worked as a Human Resources professional for a life insurance company before becoming a stay-at-home
mom; Lincoln is the founder and president of his own life insurance underwriting company. They have 2 children: Carina Elizabeth Tedeschi and Ryan Thomas Tedeschi.
  Mrs.  Khương Hữu Thị Hiệp

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