Mrs.  Khương Hữu Thị Ngàn  was given to Dr. Khương Hữu Long  as an adopted child along with her brother Mr. Khương Hữu Cân.  She is
married to a very successful business owner / pharmacist Mr. Cao Thái Hoành (younger brother of Ambassador Cao Thái Bão). Mrs.
Khương H. Thi. Ngàn was a kind-hearted and generous helper to all  the Khương Hữu member. She consistently guided and financially
aided many cousins to start up their business ventures.

Together, they have 3 boys and 2 girls: Cao: Thái Sơn, Thị Phương Mai, Thái Tùng, Thị Phương Loan, and Thái Đinh.

1.  Mr. Cao Thái Sơn is French educated and successful Engineer. He is married to Mrs. Phi Nga Nguyen-Cao Thái and have 2 children:   
Cao Thái Khương-Lân  & Cao Thái Khương-Liêm (a French PolyTechnic Graduate - A Harvard of the USA Equivalency).

2.  Mrs. Cao Thi Phương Mai is married to Võ Minh Hãi. They have 1 child:  Võ Minh Phương Thảo.

3.    Mr. Cao Thái Tùng is a French and US. educated Engineer as well as a Business Entepreneur. He is married to Mrs. Tuyết Nhung Thị
Trầm-Cao. They have 2 children:  Yvette Uyên Cao and Eric Khương Cao.

4.   Miss. Cao Thị Phương Loan currently assists her brother and sister-in-law in their business venture.

̀5.   Mr. Cao Thái  Định is a US. educated Engineer and is married to Linh Cam-Cao. They have 1 son Andrew Cao.
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