Khương Hữu Quí  College Student - 1958

Dr.  Khương Hữu Quí, Ph.D.,  a French scientist, serves as National Director of Research in France. Dr.Quí Hữu Khương is married to Dr. Francoise Khương.Both doctors Khương have served as Committee
Chair persons for doctoral students. Both Dr Khươngs are internationally recognized for their findings, research, and various scientific publications. They have 2 children: Philippe Kim Khương-Hữu , and Sabine
Mai Khương.

1.   Philippe Kim Hữu Khương graduated from Ecole Polytechnique - Paris in 1986 (it's the most difficult admission acceptance university in France - it's equivalent to Harvard of the USA) and was awarded an
advanced degree in Statistics and Economy from ENSAE. In 1988, Mr. Khương-Hữu joined Societe Generale in Paris to start their Index arbitrage operations, and moved to Tokyo subsequently. In 1991, he joined
JP Morgan in Tokyo to spearhead their Equity Derivatives effort. He has since headed several of their businesses, including the firm's  global interest rate option and credit derivatives groups. He was one of the
initial founders of FpML and served as Chairman of  the board of directors of FpML, an industry wide initiative to provide an electronic standard for derivatives transactions. In 2001, Goldman Sachs named
Philippe Kim Hữu Khương head of its Global Interest Rate business. Philippe Kim Hữu Khương is married to Takako Khương-Hữu ( Iyoku ) and both of them live in New York. Takako grew up in Tokyo and had a
successful dancing career in Tokyo and New York, having been awarded the Premier Prix de Lausanne in 1987. They have 2 daughters: Khương Hữu Hina and Khương Hữu Fiona.

2.  Sabine Mai Khương, an Architect.
The twin brothers:  Khương Hữu Quí and Khương Hữu Điễu
Khương Hữu Kim Philippe & Sabine Mai Khương
                   Dr.   Quí  Hữu Khương, Ph.D.
                                  1931 -  2017