Mrs. Khương Hữu Cãi  Tombstone & Grave
@ The Khương Hữu Cemetery
Mrs.  Khương hữu Thị Cãi (1862-1947). She was married to Trần Thanh Nhàn (1862-1925). They were Jewelers. They have 2 children:

1.     Trần Thanh Thị Được (1891-1981). She died at the age of 90. She was married to Trương Lư ( A Vietnamese-Chinese Minority - Người Hẹ). They have 3 children: Trương: Ngọc Nữ, Bi, Ngọc
Anh (died young).

2.     Trần Thanh Đắc (1900-1973). He was married to Trần Thi. Xây (1900). They have 6 children: Trần: Thanh Minh, Thanh Liên, Thanh Quang,  and 3 girls' name: Trần Thị Thanh Dung, Trần Thị
Thanh Hạnh, Trần Thị Thanh Hoa.
       Mrs.   Khương Hữu Thị Cãi  (1862-1947)
                      Direct    Descendants