Due to Mr. Khương Hữu Qui early decease (her father), Mrs. Khương H. Thị Điền, a devoted mother to her children and loving wife to her husband, acted as a parental-figure to
continuously and persistently provide moral guidance and financial assistance to her siblings over many decades. Jointly with her husband, Mr. Võ Văn Sử, as business
entrepreneurs, they acquired, managed, and expanded a printing-publishing corporation Mỹ Thành to become one of the largest printing business establishment in Vĩnh Long. It
was also a "husband-wife team spirit" that contributed to their successful business expansion:  a pharmacy named  Đồng Tâm;  later on became one of the most reputable
pharmacy in their home town.  They raised four successful children:

1. Air Force Captain  Võ Duy Khương, a Vietnamese - US. trained Air force pilot, devoted his life to his country and passed away in air-combat  (1972) - a national war hero.

2. Mr. Võ Hoài Việt, an Educator. He is married to Phan Thu Thủy. They have 3 children: Võ Phan Việt Anh, an US degreed Computer Programmer (she is married to Mr. Vũ Minh
Trí, an US. degreed Electrical Engineer - they have 2 sons: Vũ Minh Tiến Austin & Vũ Thiên Trí Nathan), Mr. Võ Phan Việt Phương, an US. degreed International Business Analyst
(his wife is Tuyết Trinh Thị Phạm-Võ; they have 3 sons and 1 daughter: Võ Đăng Khoa Matthew, Võ Đăng Quang Aidan, Võ Đăng Nguyên Jayden, and Võ Tuyết Vi Makayla ), and
Mrs. Võ Phan Thủy Tiên, an US. degreed Accountant  (she is married to Mr. Đặng Nguyên Phong, they have 2 sons: Đặng Nguyên Tân Justin, and Đặng Nguyên Song Toàn Ryan

3. Mrs.  Võ Thị  Điệp. She is married to a Lieutenant Võ Văn Long, a former Vietnamese Air Force Pilot. They have 2 children: Võ Ngọc Thanh Trúc, Pharm.D. (married to Attorney-
at-Law Nguyễn Mạnh Trừơng, they have 1 son: Nguyễn Trường An), a successful  Doctor of Pharmacy, and Võ Duy Lâm, a Pharmacy student.

4. Ms. Võ Thanh Hương, a "front-runner"  HIPAA  EDI Software Engineer (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act mandated by federal government in the effort of
maximizing  medical claims processing paper works for accuracy & efficiency) for a local/state government . She has 2 children: Nguyễn Trung Trực and Nguyễn Thị
Kim Chi.                         

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