The most traditional way of worship of Ancestors:
Bài Vị of Mr. &  Mrs. Khương Hữu Lương. The
Vietnamese translation is on the left side.
Mr. & Mrs. Khương Hữu Lương  Tombstone
& Grave @
The Khương Hữu Cemetery
Mr. Khương Hữu Lương (our Ancestor 1853-1906) was married to Huỳnh Thị Ngọ (1859-1935). Due to early illness, Mr. Khương was given to his uncle Mr. Lý Hữu Khương  as an
adopted child. Mr. Khương commenced the Khương Hữu successful business venture from here on. They have 8 children, the 1st & 9th sons died at birth.
The Khương's -  a Beginning of Successful Generations ...
Mr.  Khương Hữu Lương ( 1853 - 1906 )
                   Direct  Descendants