Mrs. Duyên Thị H. Khương - See Link Below.  She is married to Mr. Lê Thanh Nhàn ( A retired  South VietNam Army Medical Doctor). Mr. Lê and Mrs. Khương ............... before immigrating to the
USA in their retirement age. They currently live with their daughter. They have 1 child: Lê Thanh Thị kim Phượng (A US. degreed BioChemist), she is married to Mr. Ninh Vinh Khang, a US
degreed  with  MS. in Computer Sciences and Electrical Enginerring. Mr. & Mrs. Ninh Vinh Khang have 1 son Ninh Vinh Phước.
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                        Mrs. Khương H. Thị Duyên  (1933 -            )
                              Direct    Descendants