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November 15th, 2007 at 4:03 p.m., Mrs. Võ Phan Việt Anh and her husband Mr. Vũ Minh Trí just welcomed an addition to their
family: Vũ Thiên Trí Nathan. He weights 7lbs 12oz and is 18 inches long. Mrs. Võ Phan Việt Anh is the daughter of Mr. Võ
Hoài Việt and grand-daughter of Mrs. Khương H. Thị Điền.
Three generations: From Left to Right - Vũ Minh Tiến Austin, Mr. Vũ Minh Trí, Mrs. Võ Phan Việt Anh with her
newly born Baby Nathan, Mrs.Phan Thu Thuỷ, Mr. Võ Hoài Việt.
                                             Novemeber  2007

Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp, husband of Mrs. Khương H. Thị Võ, aka. Cô 5 Bé,  (daughter of Mr. Khương Hữu Phi -
aka Ông 3) celebrated 100th Birthday in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp is the son of Dr. Hoàng Gia Hội, a First Class of "Medecin" Graduate in Hà Nội.
Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp is also the First Class of "Medical Doctor" Graduate established in Viet Nam during
the French Colonization. That was considered as the Greatest Achievement and Honor for a Vietnamese
to be able to accomplish such highly prestigious education level.

Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp held various high ranking cabinet positions in South Vietnam during the First and
Second Republic of South Vietnam including  Deputy Minister of Health, Chairman of Medical School,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hùng Vương Hospital. Many successful Medical Doctors were
students of Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp and many of those MD diplomas bear Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp's signature.

During Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp 100th Birthday celebration, SBTN Television did broadcast the celebration party
worldwide. Queen Elizabeth II commissioned the Toronto Governor and the Canadian Minister to
personally represent her Majesty the Queen to extend her "Best Wishes".
Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp and Mrs. Khương H. Thi Võ
Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp and Mrs. Khương H. Thi Võ
with their dauughter Hoàng Thu Thủy ̃ her husband Dr. Tạ Minh Hiển
Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp and Mrs. Khương H. Thi Võ
received Honoray Well Wishes from Queen Elizabeth via Governor of Ontario