Mr. Khương Hữu Vi , a retired high ranking Army officer from the Vietnamese Army. He is married to Đặng Thị Thu Oanh. They have 3 children: Khương: H. Anh Dũng, H. Thu Thảo,  H. Thảo Nguyên.

1. Mr. Khương Hữu Anh Dũng was raised by his aunt Mrs. Khương Thị Điền. He is married to Phạm Thị Ngọc Hà, they have two children: Khương Hữu Anh Khôi and Khương Hữu Anh Quy.

2. Mrs. Khương Thị Thu Thảo is married to Mr. Hoàng Vũ Thạch. They have two children: Hoàng Khương Minh and Hòang Xuân Xuân.

3.  Mr. Khương Hữu Thảo Nguyên a University degreed in Japanese.Mr. Khương works for an International Travel Agency and is responsible for all travel arrangements foreign visitors from Japan, Europe, and
the USA. Heis also a business entrepreneur. He is married to Huỳnh Thị Bích Thủy. They have one son: Khương Hữu Anh Minh.
          Mr.  Khương  Hữu Vi  Direct  Descendants

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