Mrs. Khương  Hữu Thị Võ and her husband, Deputy Minister of
Health of South Việt Nam, Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp
Mrs. Khương H. Thị Võ , married to Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp, a national recognized medical doctor, Founding Director & CEO of Hùng Vương Hospital ̣(a nationally
recognized hospital in South Việt Nam), Medical School Professor and member of the Board of Directors of  Medical School,  & Deputy Minister of Health. Dr.  Hoàng
Gia Hợp graduated from the First Class of Medical School of Hà Nôị during the French-Vietnam colonial era (his father Dr. Hoàng Gia Hội graduated from the First
"Medecin School" in Hà Nội previously before a real medical institute was established by the French).  They currently reside in Toronto, Canada and have 1 daughter
Hoàng Thu Thủy.

Mrs. Hoàng Thu Thủy is married to Dr. Tạ Minh Hiễn, a Medical Doctor - currently practices Anaesthesiology in Toronto, Canada. Click here for more detailed
information about
==> Dr. Tạ  Minh Hiển.  They have  2  children: Tạ Hoàng Thu Trang  and Tạ Minh Hiếu.

Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp is the son of Dr. Hoàng Gia Hội, a First Class of "Medicin" Graduate in Hà Nội. Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp is also the First Class of "Medical Doctor"
Graduate established in Viet Nam during the French Colonization. That was considered as the Greatest Achievement and Honor for a Vietnamese to be able to
accomplish such highly prestigious education.  Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp held various high ranking cabinet positions in South Vietnam during the First and Second Republic
of South Vietnam: including Deputy Minister of Health, Chairman of Medical School, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hùng Vương Hospital. Many successful
Medical Doctors were students of  Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp and many of those MD diplomas have Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp's signature. Now-a-day, ViệtNam is under a
communist government but the hospital Hùng Vương still displays the original founding father Dr. Hoàng Gia Hợp name plate at the main entrance gate.

With profound sadness for all Khương Hữu grand-family members,
Dr. Hòang Gia Hợp has deceased on Feb 7th, 2009  at the age of 102 years old.

To  view  the  Mrs. Khương Hữu Thị Võ  Photo Gallery, CLICK HERE: ==>     PHOTO GALLERY for Mrs. Khương Hữu Thị Võ  and family
          Mrs.   Khương Hữu Thị Võ  (1922 - 2013)
                              Direct   Descendants
Mrs. Khương H. Thị Võ at her residence  - Fall 2010
Mrs. Khương  Hữu Thị Võ has deceased at the age of 92 on May 2nd, 2013 - same Death-Anniversary as both of her parents Mr. & Mrs. Khương Hữu Phi