Miss Đinh Thị Bích Châu
Mr.  Khương Hữu Điễu in the 50's visiting Europe
Mr. Khương Hữu Điểu is married to Mrs. Đinh Thị Bích Châu Khương (from an educated aristocrat  family). They have no children. Mr.
Mr. Khương is accredited for the Khương Hữu last name well recognition in Việt Nam  for his generation. Mr. Khương and his wife have
settled in the US and retired in San Francisco, California.

Mr. Khương was born on October 7, 1931 in province Thiềng-Đức, city Vĩnh-long, South Vietnam.

Mr. Khương attended Junior High School at College Le Myre de Vilers, Mỷ Tho, Vietnam from 1941 to 1948 and graduated
with Valedictorian. During this time, there was no higher education institution available in his hometown Mỷ Tho, his parents sent Mr.
Khương to a French Preparatory School – Lycée Yersin, Đà Lạt, Viêt Nam from 1948 – 1951. Mr. Khương was also awarded Honors Prize
from the Parents Association of Vietnam most renowned and famous French Preparatory schools in SàiGòn: Chasseloup Laubat, Marie
Curie, and Petrus Trương Vỉnh Ký.

After earning his French Baccalauréat diploma, Mr. Khương went the United States of America as a foreign student exchange to attend
Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsyvania from 1952-1956. He  earned the degree of Bachelor of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering
with “ Fullbright Scholar” status and graduated First in class. Additionally, Mr. Khương was awarded Full Fellowship Tau Beta Pi to attend
Massachuset Institute of Technology (aka.“ MIT”) between 1956-1957. He graduated with Master degree of Sciences in Engineering.  He
pursued additional business studies at Columbia University (an Ivy league)  School of Business in New York from 1957 to 1958.
During this last year, as part of the  foreign student program,Khương joind Ebasco Internaational of NewYork as a Power Plan Designer –
Engineer from 1957 – 1958.  Between 1958 – 1961, Mr. Khương was an Assistant Operations Manager for Esso corporation.

Mr. Khương returned to his homeland ViệtNam and joined VietNam Sugar Corporation as a Technical Director. He held this position from
1961 – 1964.

Mr. Khương joined Sonadezi ( National Company for the Development of Industrial Estates) as a Director General between 1964 to 1967.

After the fall of the First Republic of South VietNam, Khương became the Director of Industrial Development Center and Industrial
Development Bank of VietNam. He hel this position from 1964 until the Fall of SàiGòng in 1975. Concurrently, under the government of
Prime Minister – Air Marshall Nguyễn Cao Kỳ, Khương was the Minister of Economy (Commerce, then Industry)  from 1966 to 1968.

In 1975, South VietNam lost the war, many Vietnamese refugees immigrate to the United States. Khương settled in San Francisco,
California and joined Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco as an Assistant Project Manager. He held this position until 1987.

In 1987, Khương joined MDA Engineering Inc. Of Hayward, California as a Principl and Vice President until his retirement from business
and professional life in 1996.

During his official roles with South VietNam government, Khương did many lectures, pacticiated as Board Members of various
organizations as follows:

•        Lecturer, Phú Thọ Technical Institute, Saigon, VietNam  between  1966- 1970.
•        Lecturer, Cao Đẳng Quốc Phỏng (National Defense College) between  1966- 1972
•        Board member of Vietnam Power Company between  1969- 1975
•        Board Member&Vice President of Sicovina Textile Company between 1965- 1975
•        President of American University Alumni Association  between 1968- 1971
•        Board Member & President of Vietnam-American Association between  1972- 1975
•        Founder and President of Vietnam Management Association between 1966- 1975
•        Board Member &President of  Asian Productivity Organization, Japan between  1965- 1975
•        Head of Vietnam Economic Conferences in China & Korea between 1966- 1968
•        Publisher and Editor of Business Management Magazine in VietNam between 1966-1975
•        Founder & Secretary of Vietnam Flower and Garden Association between 1966- 1975

Khương was awarded with various medals and Honor Awards as follows:

•        Chang Kai Chiak Presidential Award, Order of Rising Star
•        Honor Medal from Vietnam  Ministry of Economy
•        Honor Medal from Vietnam Ministry of Public Works
•        Honor Medal from Vietnam Ministry of Finance
•        Honor Medal from South Vietnam Prime Minister

Mr. Khương still maintains closed friendship with many cabinet members of the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush's former administration
bodies.  Mr. Khương always retained his cabinet position and was completely  in charge of the US. funding/aids to South VN; including the
period  73's-75's after the US withdrawn from VN but 900 hundreds of million  of dollars still flown to South VN for financial aids to support
the people of South VN.

Mr. Khuong Hữu Điểu assumed a fatherly role to guide, direct, and financially assist the up-bringing all of his nieces and nephews -  he is
well accredited by the Khương Hữu for the success of  many members of the Khương Hữu 8-th generation.
The twin brothers:  Khương Hữu Quí and Khương Hữu Điễu
Mr. & Mrs. Khương Hữu Điễu in 2001
Mr.  and Mrs. Khương Hữu Điễu and  Cao Thái Định
Mrs. Khương Hữu Điễu with Mr. Cao Thái Tùng &
Mr. Cao Thái Định  family (his nephews)
                                         Mr.   Khương Hữu Điểu     
Minister of Commerce under 1st & 2nd Republic of South Việt Nam
                                           (No  Descendants)