Mr. Khương Hữu Hội ̣(a pharmacist) is married to and Dr. Kim Nga Nguyễn Khương, D.D.S., M.S., Orthodontics Dentist (former Saigon Dental School Professor - a U-Penn Orthondics Graduate) .  Dr.
Khương has been responsible to re-certify many Vietnamese Dentists that immigrate to the USA in order for them complete their Doctorate of Dentistry Surgical equivalent DDS. diploma in the USA.
Together, they have only 1 son: Khương Hữu Quyền.

Mr.  Khương Hữu Quyền ̣(formerly  Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles county of the state of California). Mr. Khương is a very successful Attorney at Law  and currently practices laws in the of  
areas of Insurance Defense and Construction Defect. `During the early 90's, Mr. Khuong was admitted to the California and U.S. District Court, Central District of California. He received his formal law
training from the University of Texas at Austin, with the degree of J.D. in 1992. He is a member of the  Orange County Bar Association; State Bar of California; Association of Southern California
Defense Counsel.
Quyền Hữu Khương  as a Teenage with his
Parents Mr. Khương Hưũ Hội & Dr. Kim
Nga Khương Hữu
                   Mr. Khương Hữu Hội, R.Phm.